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Ryan Stec.

Ryan Stec is a Certified Functional Strength Coach and Pain-free Performance Specialist. His fitness journey began when he realized he was letting pain and low energy levels consume his life. From that point, he decided to make a commitment to himself and prove what his body was capable of.

Ryan’s own personal experiences have taught him that it’s never too late to make a change. He strives to empower others to overcome their physical barriers to fitness so that they may return to their valued life activities and thrive.

After 12 years working in Design and Marketing in NYC, Ryan chose to pursue a career in health and fitness. He relocated to Austin, TX in 2019 and currently resides in South Austin with his fiance, dog (Daniel), and cat (Luna).

In addition to helping others become stronger, healthier versions of themselves, Ryan loves strength training, bodybuilding, and hiking in his free time. It's his hope to be able to continue to train well into his 70's and beyond!

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