Nutritional Guidance 

Do you feel lost in what foods to eat, how much to consume, and how to loose weight safely? You are not alone. It can be confusing when the news tells you what foods to avoid then deems those same foods as essential to a balanced diet (ex. egg yolks, fat, and juices).


At EMX, Nutritional Guidance helps to clarify the confusion about what a healthy diet looks like and how you can implement it. Nutrition is not one size fits all, which is why EMX creates a personalized program tailored to help you, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or feel more energized. In addition to nutritional information and guidelines, EMX provides new recipes to prevent boredom with food and retreating to bad habits. Daily food intake is typically one of the most challenging parts of healthy habits. Therefore, EMX provides additional support through accountability text messages and phone calls to help keep you on track and focused on your goal.