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Yoga & Balance

Are you interested in doing yoga because you have heard how it decreases stress and builds strength, flexibility, and body awareness? Are you reluctant to try because you think you are not flexible enough or intimidated by a large class? Do words such as "Namaste" have you questioning if you are in a religious class?


EMX Yoga is a beginner’s class to put those worries aside, offering space where you can feel comfortable and safe. If you are searching for an introduction or wanting to get into yoga again without feeling lost in a crowd, then this is the place for you.


EMX Yoga includes group classes as well as individual sessions provided by functional exercise specialists where you will receive personalized guidance to improve your yoga practice and poses. This is a calming, positive environment to unwind, build strength, develop body awareness, and relieve stress. Yoga is an essential activity to help you grow physically and mentally! Give yourself permission to try yoga today…. you know you want to!

EMX founder performing yoga in Austin, Texas
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