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Medical Exercise 

Are you in need of an exercise program to manage diabetes, hypertension, or metabolic disease? Are you nervous about exercising after physical therapy or surgery due to furthering an injury or pain? Is difficulty getting up and down or walking preventing you from an active lifestyle?

EMX’s Medical Exercise Program focuses on improving the quality of life for these conditions through the use of specialized exercise. EMX focuses on developing programs to help you alleviate the difficulty of these issues so you can live a more abundant life.  Medical exercise provides safe and effective exercises for those with, but not limited to, osteoporosis, limited mobility, as well as musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological or metabolic disorders. EMX will assist you with regenerating strength, range of motion, and daily functionality that is tailored to your diagnoses. You can continue to improve and exercise without worry about causing more pain or injury. The EMX program follows corrective guidelines based on your needs and conditions. To make a complete team, we also communicate with your doctor to provide the best care for you. Please click on the tabs below for more information on how EMX can help you!


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